Village 14


Kids from Las Calas, a small village near Consuelo. The kids are fascinated by iPhones and LOVE to take selfies!

Triaging a mother and daughter in Angelina with the help of a scribe and translator.

MGM runs multiple other ministries in addition to medical, one of which is gardening. Last year MGM started community gardens in Margarita, which were very successful until Hurricane Matthew hit. This year MGM is repairing the gardens destroyed by the hurricane and helping to start community gardens in more villages. This garden was planted this year for a family that lives next to the MGM compound.

Garden in Guayabal

Construction for the Deaf School in Hato Mayor. MGM is funding the construction and missionaries are working together with locals to help build it. The Deaf School lost its lease last summer and is now operating out of the MGM compound until their new facility is completed.

The convenience store in Guayabal

My “helper” for the day in Las Calas

Las Calas

I worked with Dental one day in Las Calas helping with extractions. We were set up in the church which lacked a floor, doors, or windows.

Taking the medical history of a young boy from Angelina with Down Syndrome

Photo by Annie Gensheimer

Talking with local girls at a concert in Hato Mayor

Photo by Annie Gensheimer

The line to be seen by the doctor in Angelina

Photo by Annie Gensheimer

Listening to a young boy’s heart in Angelina

Photo by Annie Gensheimer

Photo by David Brotzman

Photo by David Brotzman

Triaging a Dominican Women in a village near San Pedro with the help of Onasis, a translator

Photo by David Brotzman

Me and a new friend helped distribute clothing, rice and oil to each household in Village 14

Local boys from Village 14 with the balloons passed our during Vacation Bible School

Typical homes in Village 14

Sugar cane workers walking along the road to Batey Margarita and Village 14 surrounded by sugar cane on either side (the sugar cane continues for as far as you can see in every direction)

Children from the School for the Deaf in Hato Mayor (a Dominican town nearby) performing a song about God’s love at the MGM Compound

The deaf school was recently evicted from their old school and MGM is in the process of building them a new facility. In the meantieme, the school is meeting in one of the buildings in the MGM Compound.

Sugar cane being prepared for transport

The view from the MGM Compound. Children from Guayabal will come after school and sell bracelets, offer to clean your shoes, or braid your hair (all for $1) down by the fence.

Taking a girl’s pulse in Las Laura’s

A boy playing with a tire in Village 14

The town center in Hato Mayor

MGM Compound

The cattle trucks used for transportation to the Bateyes in front of the MGM compound

Me listening to a young Haitian boy’s heart in Batey Las Laura’s

Another volunteer and me distracting two Haitian children as their parents talk to the doctor

Me taking a Haitian women’s blood pressure in Batey Eskarduna


This project is supported in part by funding from a Middlebury College Community Engagement Cross Cultural Community Service Grant.