Here the vehicle of choice is definitely a motorcycle. Driving down the road you will see entire families… Mom, Dad, babies, even 5-6 people on one bike! Often times the women will ride side-saddle on the back. I don’t know how they don’t fall off but they don’t. Another common site is two people riding on a motorcycle with a propane tank in between them… It is not attached to the bike if you were wondering. Also motorcycles do not follow any traffic rules and will drive on the wrong side of the road, not stop at intersections, and weave through the cars and trucks.  While going around a turn or before entering an intersect, it is common to honk many times to let others know you are coming. Needless to say, driving down poorly paved or dirt roads while in the back on a cattle truck with all of the commotion is quite an experience.

At a motorcycle shop in Hato Mayor!

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